Pola Małaczewska is a graphic designer, focused on creating visual systems, with a passion for type, motion and editorial design. Also creating design tools. Based in Warsaw (PL), available worldwide. Here are some examples of her work.
Elektor pattern system + specimen
Elektor is an experimental tool in form of a font. Its foundation consists of various illustrations of digital circuits recovered from hobbyist magazines from the 70s-90s. They are compared to a kind of language that explains the inner nature of devices. From today's perspective, they are abstract compositions, treated as incomprehensible to most. The result of this analysis is a set of Elektor characters, composed of pixels and corresponding to keys on the keyboard. This project finds practical application as a system for creating patterns. If you want to try it send me an email.

Elektor got nominated for Project of The Year Awards in 2023 and selected for Graduation Projects International Design Review in 2024.
Tags: Glyph design, Motion design, Editorial design, Critical research, Documentation,
Photo of printed specimen. One of the characters on the cover.
Photo of specimen. Pattern proposal.
Photo of specimen. One of pattern proposals. Small characters are set together.
Printed specimen slider (1)
Printed specimen slider (2)
Printed specimen slider (3)
Printed specimen slider (4)
Printed specimen slider (5)
Printed specimen slider (6)
A poster for Elektor.
Second poster of Elektor, both are pattern examples.
Construction of glyphs.
Animation template
One of animation templates developed during an internship at Navarra.is.

Tags: Motion design, animation
Lustra variable typeface
A result of a workshop conducted in 2021 about a Polish author – Stanisław Lem. Lustra is a pixel typeface that visualizes the transition between human world and the world of Lem’s works. The form of it was heavily inspired by mathematical and logical, yet still organic planetary forms from one of his most famous novels 'Solaris'. It fits best in patterns or other decorative purposes.
Download the typeface.

Tags: Type design, Graphic design, Research, Publications
Hello World
@Can you (do you want to?...)*read meE?...
Lustra got featured in the first edition of Experimental Type – Slanted 40 by Slanted Publishers in 2022.
Laïc:Type – Szron | Hoarfrost cover artwork
Cover artwork for a track 'Szron | Hoarfrost' by Laïc:Type. Go listen to it.

Tags: Music cover, Graphic design
Radial gradients / Processing
A quick sketch done in Processing with help from Chat GPT. It divides an image into circles with a radial gradient based on the colour of the image segments. Combined with archival images of computers.

Tags: Processing, Creative coding, Animation, AI
Ogień na środku placu
Communication design project about the culture of Polish public protests. Designed together with Communication Design class at School of Form. The basis and inspiration for the book is Marcin Wicha's essay 'Transparenty'. Project was coordinated and tutored by Honza Zamojski.

Tags: Editorial design, Print, Photography, Critical research
Graphics / Posters
Various poster designs. Designed through 2022/2023. Mostly experimental + intuition–based. Deconstructed forms and various repetitons. You can see more at @comp.100

Tags: Poster design, Visual systems, Mixed media, Silkscreen printing
Type: ALT Riviera by ALT Type Foundry, https://alt-tf.com/
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